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[tlg_pricing_table amount=”” currency=”” period=”” icon=”ti-control-record” btn_text=”Select” btn_link=”url:%23||” btn_layout=”btn btn-filled btn-rounded” customize_button=”yes” btn_custom_layout=”btn btn-rounded” customize_table=”yes” title=”Recording” subtitle=”Recording rates are as follows:” btn_color=”#000000″ btn_bg=”#ffffff” btn_border=”#ededed” btn_color_hover=”#ffffff” btn_bg_hover=”#000000″ btn_border_hover=”#000000″ tbl_bg=”#339abb” tbl_title_color=”#ffffff” tbl_subtitle_color=”#ffffff” tbl_price_color=”#ffffff” tbl_color=”#ffffff” tbl_list_color=”#ffffff”]Day recording – £180 – (£150 for bookings made before March 15th 2016)

Half Day Recording – £100

Live Demo (3 Hour Session) – £120

Live Demo + Multi Angle Video – £180

Mixing and Mastering – £15 per track

Ad-hoc work – £30 per hour

Studio Hire for External Producers – £150 per day.Please contact us to discuss your recording needs, special prices can be arranged for longer projects and consecutively booked days.[/tlg_pricing_table]

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  • Rehearsals can be booked from:
    10am-1pm | 1pm-4pm | 4pm-7pm | 7pm-10pm
    7 days a week.
    You can book rehearsals through our website, Facebook page or contact us directly via phone or email.
    Bands bringing a flyer will get their 5th practice free!
    To keep things simple, there’s two practice options available at Southsea Sound.

    Option 1: Rehearsal 3 Hr Session –
    Room 1 £35
    Room 2 £40
    with drum shells and cabinets only.

    Option 2: Rehearsal 3 Hr Session with full backline –
    (A choice of vintage Marshall/Orange Guitar Heads, Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, Ampeg/Ashdown bass head and basic drum breakables) just bring instruments/pedals/leads
    Room 1 £42.50
    Room 2 £47.50

    All technical spec can be found on the equipment section below.  Free residential parking is available in the surrounding streets, however, we are in the process of securing dedicated parking. More information on that soon.

    Southsea Sound require a minimum of 24 hours’ notice for rehearsal cancellations, otherwise a £20 cancellation fee will be charged. Bands that fail to attend a rehearsal session will be charged the full session cost.


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[tlg_accordion style=”accordion-style-1 accordion-auto-close”][tlg_accordion_content title=”Instruments”]Gibson SG Standard 1973
Gibson ES 339
Martin DRS1 Acoustic Guitar
Vintage Fender Squire Telecaster
Fender Precision Bass
Stetnor Student Double Bass
Korg M1 Synthesiser[/tlg_accordion_content][tlg_accordion_content title=”Hardware”]Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56
Focusrite Octopre MKII Dynamic
Universal Audio 6176 Vintage Valve Channel Strip (x2)
TL Audio Ivory 2 5021 Dual Valve Compressor
Focusrite Platinum Penta Stereo Compressor
Mackie Big Knob
Rokit 5 Active Monitors[/tlg_accordion_content][tlg_accordion_content title=”Microphones”]Shure SM7B
Shure SM58
Shure SM57
Shure Beta 52A
Shure Beta 91A
Sennheiser E604
Sennheiser E906
Rode NT5
AKG C1000S
AKG 4000B
T Bone SCT 800
Sennheiser md421-II
AKG C214 Stereo Pair[/tlg_accordion_content][tlg_accordion_content title=”Amplifiers”]JCM 800 (1983)
Marshall JMP Super Lead (1978)
Orange OR15
Orange TH30
Carlsbro 50 Top
Fender Hot Road Deluxe
Ampeg SVT-200T
Ashdown Pro Mag EVO II 300[/tlg_accordion_content][tlg_accordion_content title=”Cabinets”]Marshall Artiste 2×15 Bass cabinet
Ampeg SVT-410HLF
Marshall 4×12 Green Backs
Marshall 4×12 1960A Green backs
Marshall 4×12 1960B Celestion[/tlg_accordion_content][tlg_accordion_content title=”Drums”]Pearl Export US Fusion 5 Piece
Natal Pro Maple 5 Piece
Pearl PCP204 Cymbal Pack/ Sabian XS20 cymbal pack[/tlg_accordion_content][/tlg_accordion]

Southsea Sound is Tim Greaves and Eleanor Morgan, local residents and long-time participants in the Portsmouth music scene. Both wished there was a studio in Southsea for as long as they can remember and as performers and promoters, knew a great number of musicians in the city felt the same way.

Following Tim Greaves running a successful recording studio at home for the last 5 years, producing records that have gone on to be released in both Europe and the US, premises were finally secured on Albert Road in late 2015. The building is constructed using industry standard soundproofing and bespoke facilities designed to produce the best in quality sound recordings (technical specification is available at the equipment page.)

As musicians themselves, the couple understand what a musician needs when recording or practicing. Comfort, quality and an enthusiastic skilled sound engineer whose passion is getting the best possible sound.

Southsea Sound opened its doors for business from February 2016. With a live room downstairs and separate, but connected control room, vocal booth and second tracking and rehearsal room upstairs upstairs, all musical styles can be catered for with Southsea Sound.

With Free Wifi and refreshments available in a relaxing and creative environment, we hope to build strong relationships with bands and artists alike.

Located in the heart of Albert road, Southsea you will be a stone’s throw away from Portsmouth’s premier music venue, The Wedgewood Rooms, Music/record shops, craft ale pubs as well as huge choice of restaurants and takeaways.

Fancy a break? The seaside is a 10 minute walk away.

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