Head In The Clouds

Head In The Clouds AKA My first three months flying a drone! I’ve spent the last 12 weeks getting to grips with flying a drone, and in that time I’ve filmed a lot of material that served no purpose other than learning and my own wonderment that I could film the kind of things I’d dreamed of as a teenager. …

King Of Birds short film

King Of Birds is a short personal documentary film about my Grandfather, filmed in 2014.  This is the main man, who inspired me to pick up a camera as a kid. I'm glad I made this film, as he passed away in 2020. I have plenty of photos and memories of him, but it's great to hear his voice and ...

Rope Exit Interview film

In 2017 I tagged along with Rope to document the recording of their new album 'Come Closer Now' at the Ranch with producer Lewis Johns.  The resulting footage turned into a music video for the song Exit Interview. Listen to the album here.

Fotocrime Invisible Music Video

A great edit to get stuck into during the early part of Coronavirus lockdown - featuring footage of a locked down Louiseville. The footage was shot by Nick Thieneman, and I had the task of fillign the gaps and editing the whole thing together.

Alex Thomson Racing – Vendée Globe Race Preview

This film was edited together for the the team to release on the eve of the Vendée Globe, a gruellign solo roudn the world race. The edit was put together from various interviews supplied by the team and archival footage. It was my job to edit it all down to tell a short, sharp cohesive story